CAT4 and Strategies For Learning

Tailored next steps to support your learners’ individual needs

CAT4 can give you incredible insight into your pupils’ hidden abilities, but it’s not always easy to see how to turn this insight into meaningful change in the classroom. The new CAT4 and Strategies for Learning guide takes different pupil profiles and describes how these characteristics might look in the classroom in order to implement and provide effective strategies to help them perform to the best of their ability. There are individual strategies for each of the individual profiles that are generated using CAT4.

The complete guide contains detailed analysis of each kind of learning bias, as well as descriptions of how this bias manifests itself in the classroom. In addition, it contains comprehensive, practical strategies you can put in place to create situations where these pupils can demonstrate the full extent of their ability.

Download your support documents below

The Quick Guide gives an overview of the information that's available for each of the pupil profiles. The Complete Guide provides detailed information and classroom strategies you can tailor to each type of pupil ability profile, to help your learners reach their full potential.

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