An introduction to the whole school view, Kuwait



This seminar will be an introduction to the way many international schools are using a combination of assessments that provide data on students’ ability, attainment and attitudes in order to personalise teaching and learning; improve academic performance and support whole school evaluation.

It will cover how schools can:

  • Measure the cognitive ability of each individual, including EAL students
  • Personalise and differentiate teaching within classrooms
  • Identify Gifted and SEN students, as well as underachievers
  • Measure attainment and progress in English, Mathematics and Science
  • Identify barriers to learning and support wellbeing of students

The discussion will draw on hands on analysis of sample data provided from GL Education’s range of assessments.

Dates & Locations
Date and time
13 November 2022 09:00 - 13:00
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