Data-Driven Success in Reading and Maths: Empowering Educators with Actionable Insights

Two locations are available:

Hyderabad (23rd September 2024)

Mumbai (26th September 2024)

This seminar will support customers new to GL Education and Renaissance, giving an overview of how our leading assessment, practice and insight tools are used by international schools around the world to accelerate the academic progress of every child, with a particular focus on the core areas of reading and mathematics. 

When data is understood and used effectively, it can reveal the potential of your students and explain the causes of any underperformance. Attendees will learn about how they can use both attainment and ability assessments to identify gaps in learning and potential barriers prohibiting students from reaching their full potential.  

Star Assessments offer the ideal starting point to help schools understand their students’ strengths, pinpoint areas of need and put targeted measures in place. Renaissance’s practice and intervention tools provide effective next steps, with personalised reading and mathematics practice that meet students exactly where they are.   

During the seminar, we will explore: 

  • Unlocking hidden potential: Learn how the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) reveals hidden potential by assessing the main types of reasoning known to make a difference to learning and achievement. Identify EAL students and find out their true capacity with a test that is not reliant on knowledge of the English language. 
  • Measuring progress and identifying gaps in learning: Establish areas of strength and weakness in the core subjects using the Progress Test Series (PT Series), the New Group Reading Test (NGRT), the New Group Maths Test (NGMT) and Star Assessments. 
  • Providing purposeful, personalised practice: Explore how myON, Accelerated Reader and Freckle can provide practice, tailored to each student’s needs, helping them to master the concepts they are struggling with. 

There will also be opportunities for you to get hands on with data, putting your learning into practice and plenty of opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our full range of assessment and practice products. 

About the speakers


Chris Lapping, International Consultant, GL Education

Chris is an accomplished educator, senior leader, and school governor with a first-class honours degree in Primary Education from Durham University. He has experience of working in leading schools spanning the UK, Malaysia, and the UAE, enriching his global perspective. Chris is passionate about leveraging edtech and assessment to improve educational outcomes for the whole child, whilst being particularly mindful of reducing teacher workload. As an International Consultant, Chris brings his firsthand expertise in using GL’s comprehensive range of assessments, both as a classroom teacher and in senior leadership roles, to support schools across Southeast Asia in harnessing their use of assessment to enable every child to unlock their full potential. 

karen-randolfe-this-oneKaren Randolfe, Senior Solutions Consultant, Renaissance

Karen trained as a primary school teacher in Ireland and then taught for 10 years in Spain and France—most recently at an IB school in Lyon. She joined Renaissance in August 2021 and now works as a Senior Solutions Consultant on the international team. Karen is very passionate about inquiry-based, student-led learning.   


Dates & Locations
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23 September 2024 08:30 - 26 September 2024 14:30
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