Mona Lisa Effect Workshop-Kuala Lumpur


A one-day course led by Matthew Savage that will help schools fully utilise their data from CAT4 and other standardised assessments to support teaching and learning.

Matthew is delighted to be leading this training for GL Education, in which he will explore the "why" of data and how to use a triangle of student-level data best to help every single student thrive and belong.

He will introduce #themonalisaeffect, his globally-renowned model for personalising learning through data, and show how data from CAT4, the Progress Tests and the PASS Survey can help us understand and support every single child.

  1. Keynote - An introduction to #themonalisaeffect - the WHY of data
  2. Workshop 1 - Identifying aptitude, abilities and needs through the CAT4; applying that knowledge in your school
  3. Workshop 2 - Measuring progress, attainment and achievement through the Progress Tests; applying that knowledge in your school
  4. Workshop 3 - Measuring and monitoring attitudes and wellbeing through the PASS Survey; applying that knowledge in your school
  5. Plenary - Understanding, telling and changing a student's data story (+ optional interactive quiz)


By the end of the day, delegates will have:

  • Understood the "why" of data and how #themonalisaeffect could optimise data and assessment within their school;
  • Learned what the data from CAT4, the Progress Tests and PASS means and how to use it effectively;
  • Discovered how to tell a student's 'data story', by triangulating the data from these three tools.


About Matthew Savage

Formerly Principal of an award-winning international school in the Middle East, Matthew is now an educational consultant and trainer, speaker and writer, content creator and coach, architect of #themonalisaeffect®, and host of The Data Conversation podcast.

In recent years, he has worked face-to-face or remotely with thousands of educators across hundreds of schools in more than 60 countries, helping them to use a triangle of assessment data to maximise student wellbeing and, as a result, student outcomes.

He has collaborated closely with GL Education on training and product development for almost a decade, including his regular – and regularly sold out – online workshops on CAT4, the Progress Tests, and PASS Triangulation. Most recently, he was selected by ISC Research to contribute to their pivotal Future of Assessment report, and the corresponding webinar panel discussion was part of an assessment 'double bill' at the Outstanding Schools Europe conference with Professor Dylan William.

Matthew has also written for all three issues of Wellbeing in International Schools Magazine, and will join Diana Osagie, Priya Lakhani, and Lord Jim Knight on the main stage at the COBIS Annual Conference.

Matthew is an Associate Consultant for LSC Education, a role in which he coaches senior leaders in the UK and internationally, and he also leads governance training with international school boards. He is a passionate advocate for and ally of #deij worldwide, a member of the Diverse Educators network and the ECIS #deij team, and host of the "Jack and Me" podcast.


Tickets and registration

Standard delegate rate: £175

Group and 3-year contract rate: £125

Early bird discount before 15th September is £25 reduction on applicable ticket price

Early bird pricing will be applied automatically depending on date of registration.

Dates & Locations
Date and time
22 November 2022 09:00 - 15:30
Event type
Live event / Conference