Strategic use of data to inform school evaluation and improvement - Sharjah

This training workshop, designed for those who are confident in using the data from GL Education’s assessments, will support delegates in triangulating data from a range of sources to uncover meaningful insights and evaluate and evidence success.

The session will support delegates to create and test hypotheses with their own school data as well as explore ways to combine data to obtain actionable insights. Delegates should come along with their own school data for this session.

The workshop will discuss the use of CAT4, PT Series, NGRT and PASS for strategic decision making, but is suitable for schools of all curriculum types including those who use only one or two of the GL Education assessments.

Delegates will leave the session with a clearer view of how they can utilise data to inform school improvement plans and prepare for inspections and accreditations.

What will you take away?

  • Strategic use of data – Reflect and review how you currently evaluate and evidence success in your school alongside what the data is telling you
  • Derive hypotheses – Create and test suitable hypotheses to uncover previously hidden insights in your data
  • Data triangulation – Explore new models for triangulating your data, which will support evidence-based decision making and school. improvement planning.

This workshop is perfect for those who are already familiar with the GL Education assessments and comfortable in understanding the key terminology within the assessment reports.

About the presenters

Finn McClelland - Education Advisor

Finn has 16 years of teaching experience spanning across the UK and overseas - having taught for 4 years in Peru and Thailand. He has worked in senior leadership teams and led a variety of subject areas. As a teaching practitioner, Finn valued assessment as a vital component to communicating to students and their families how learning could be developed. He experienced firsthand the enormous benefits of using the GL Assessments to create clear and essential formative data which can be easily understood, analysed and acted upon. Finn is now dedicated to supporting schools make the very best use of their data, using his knowledge of GL products and how they can be used to improve their students’ outcomes.

Sadie Clayton – Education Advisor

Sadie gained her Primary Education BA Hons at The University of Roehampton before teaching in a three-form primary school in Hackney, London for 4 years. From here, she moved to Devon and taught in Torbay for 5 years. During her time within the classroom, she worked alongside pupils in KS2 as well as focusing on leading subject areas in PSHE, RE and mental health and well-being. While working with students in Years 5 and 6, Sadie developed strategies to meticulously analyse data in order to drive pupil outcomes to the highest possible standard. Her ethos within education is to help develop pupils’ self-belief and drive success across the curriculum to become well-rounded citizens of the future.

Dates & Locations
Date and time
01 November 2023 12:45 - 16:15
Event type

Sharjah, UAE - Venue TBC