Student wellbeing – the missing piece of the data jigsaw

Cape Town, South Africa


As education moves out of the pandemic, the lasting effect on students is still there for all to see. Research has shown that student success is underpinned by wellbeing, and the last two years have required a greater focus on wellbeing than ever before. Whereas once before teachers may have mainly focused on their fragile learners, now there is a need to get a complete understanding of all students’ context and needs.

During this session, GL Education will outline the ‘three a’s’ of the data triangle, that being attainment, ability and attitude. The session will explore how we can use this data triangle to help every student meet their potential and thrive within the ever-changing school environment.

We will outline the PASS survey and how this can help you identify students in further need of pastoral support, even those who may appear confident on the surface. Used by schools around the globe and with 70+ interventions and practical next steps, PASS can help you take the guesswork out of understanding why students are reluctant learners, underachieving or disengaged. We'll demonstrate how it will give you the confidence to ensure each child receives appropriate pastoral guidance.

We will also discuss how, through the use of assessment, a complete profile of a student can be made, and through data from the PASS Survey, alongside the CAT4 and PT Series, we can begin to implement interventions and ensure that every child is supported.

The key areas for discussion will be:

  • What issues have students faced, and what issues will they come to face in the future?
  • What is the data triangle?
  • What is the PASS survey, and what good does it bring to schools?
  • How can you use PASS data to understand your pupils?
  • How can you use PASS data alongside other assessments (CAT4, PT Series etc.)?
  • What are they key benefits for schools?

By the end of the seminar, delegates will have:

  • Learned about the data triangle of ability, attainment and attitude.
  • Understood what the data from the PASS, CAT4 and PT Series means, and how it can be used to personalise learning and ensure success for students.
  • Discovered how to tell a student’s data story, through triangulation of the data and potential teaching strategies.

Registration for this event has now closed. Joining instructions have been sent to all delegates. If you have not received this, or have lost this information, please contact [email protected]

We will be arranging further seminars in this region next year, so please bookmark for any updates.

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11 October 2022 08:30 - 13:00
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