Using data to support all students - Beijing

Making assessment and data work for your students

Using assessment data well is vital to ensure every individual student achieves their full potential.

Each measure of attainment, ability and attitude to learning is valuable, but by combining the data, you can build a unique personal profile of each student. These powerful insights support you to personalise learning and inform teaching. During the seminar, we will discuss how you can use these measures to:

  • Establish an accurate baseline - Discover practical guidance on how to reliably measure students’ cognitive and reasoning abilities. In particular how this can be used to identify students for gifted and talented programmes. You will also learn how to use this to inform curriculum planning and teaching.
  • Identify reading and literacy support needs – Explore how a structured programme of standardized and benchmarked assessments supports schools in establishing students’ reading and comprehension skills in order to differentiate teaching and learning practices.
  • Improve student engagement and wellbeing – Find out how whole-school attitudinal surveys provide a picture of student wellbeing at a student, class and whole school level. See how they support pastoral care teams to reveal unseen support needs and evaluate the impact of wellbeing interventions.

What you'll learn:

  • How to make the best use of the student assessment data you already collect.
  • How to engage all staff with consistent and effective assessment and data practice.
  • The value of a consistent approach to school-wide assessment and data.


About the presenter

Chris Scorer MA, BA, PGCE, CELTA

Chris is an educator first and foremost. He has worked as a teacher, Head of Department, Academic Head and Pastoral Head, with most of his career being international. Chris has an MA in Educational Research from Durham University, where his focus was the efficacy of SEND teacher training and the impact it really has on classroom practice. Chris has also been a user of GL data as a teacher. Before becoming a teacher Chris’ career saw him pack parachutes and work as a cocktail barman and a ski rep. Chris has lived and worked in Canada, New Zealand, Italy and China and he has travelled extensively both for work and pleasure. Chris has two young children and most of his time is now split between Pokémon games and trampolining.

Dates & Locations
Date and time
16 November 2023 09:30 - 14:00
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