Using wellbeing and reading data to provide a full data picture for students

Using assessment data well is vital to ensure every individual student achieves their full potential.

Each measure of attainment, ability and attitude to learning is valuable, but by combining the data, you can build a unique personal profile of each student. These powerful insights support you to personalise learning and inform teaching. During the seminar, we will discuss how you can use these measures to:

  • Establish an accurate baseline - Discover practical guidance on how to reliably measure students’ cognitive and reasoning abilities. In particular how this can be used to identify students for gifted and talented programmes. You will also learn how to use this to inform curriculum planning and teaching.
  • Identify reading and literacy support needs – Explore how a structured programme of standardized and benchmarked assessments supports schools in establishing students’ reading and comprehension skills in order to differentiate teaching and learning practices.
  • Improve student engagement and wellbeing – Find out how whole-school attitudinal surveys provide a picture of student wellbeing at a student, class and whole school level. See how they support pastoral care teams to reveal unseen support needs and evaluate the impact of wellbeing interventions.

What you'll learn:

  • How to make the best use of the student assessment data you already collect.
  • How to engage all staff with consistent and effective assessment and data practice.
  • The value of a consistent approach to school-wide assessment and data.

Venue and logistics

The seminar is being held in a venue located in Lima. The full address will be confirmed to registered delegates.

There is no charge to attend the seminar, but due to capacity restrictions we will initially be restricting registrations to two delegates per school. Additional requests will be added to a waiting list in case of cancellations or unexpected spaces.

About the presenter

Alex's teaching experience spans across different contexts and cultures. He taught English in both primary and secondary schools in Spain, where he developed a deep appreciation for the diversity of learners' needs and the importance of effective communication. After completing a PGCE in Secondary Education at the University of Manchester, he spent five years teaching at an all-girls independent school in Manchester, where he utilized a range of assessment data to tailor his instruction and drive student achievement. Passionate about supporting the holistic development of students, Alex places a strong emphasis on their well-being alongside academic growth, with the aim all learners have the opportunity to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Alex is now proud to be part of GL Education, assisting schools in their efforts to foster student success.       


Dates & Locations
Date and time
16 October 2023 13:00 - 16:30
Event type

Lima, Peru - Exact venue TBC