New Group Reading Test reports

The results from the New Group Reading Test (NGRT) are analysed through a range of reports that are available instantly if you are a digital user, or via our Online Marking Tool (OMT) if you are a paper user.

The reports are intended for use by senior leaders, class teachers and to be shared with individual students.

Data is presented in visually accessible tables, bar charts and scatter graphs that allow for easy comparison, as well as clear narrative explanations that explain the student profile and its implications for teaching and learning.

The diagnostic information provided together with the ability to measure impact pre- and post-intervention makes NGRT a valuable assessment.

Example images, graphs, charts and narratives from NGRT reports can be found on pages 23 - 26 of our sample reports brochure.

NGRT Group Report for teachers
Provides a summary of the group’s performance in each test – including Standard Age Score (SAS), reading age and stanines for each section to highlight where a wide discrepancy may need particular attention.

NGRT Group Progress Report for teachers
Allows progress to be measured between two test points across a group or cohort.
NB – coming in 2018 – a Progress Report between three points of progress.

NGRT Individual Report for teachers
Offers an overview of an individual student’s scores, and compares their responses with the standardisation average.

Combination report
When compared with ability data from our Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4), results from NGRT can reveal immediately whether or not students are reaching their full potential.