We offer a wide range of training and support for schools using our assessments, with programmes to support the needs of senior leaders and classroom teachers alike.

For the start of the academic year 2020/21 we have refreshed our popular established courses and are delighted to introduce new courses including a self-guided CAT4 course that provides teachers with greater scheduling flexibility.

Due to the uncertainty around travel and lockdowns globally, we have also taken steps to develop online provisions as an alternative to our established face-to-face training workshops so that we can support schools wherever they are.

The information below provides the overarching outcomes of our training programmes for each of the key stakeholder groups within your school.

Leadership (SLT)

  • To develop short and long term action plans focused on enhancing data use and capability within your school. 
  • To implement assessment and data analysis practices which inform school improvement plans.
  • To utilise assessment data to make informed decisions about training and resourcing needs.
  • To ensure the effective use of data by all staff members across the school.

Class Teacher

  • To utilise assessment data to identify the different learning support needs in the classroom and ensure effective provision is in place.
  • To confidently combine ability and attainment data to identify students who may be under/overachieving.
  • To effectively communicate with parents about student progress and how they can further support their child’s learning and development.

Specialist (SEN)

  • To utilise assessment data to make informed decisions about intervention strategies for individuals and student groups.
  • To determine which screening tool(s) will be most suitable in providing early identification of possible special educational needs.
  • To build an inclusive school that supports all individual learning needs, including exam access arrangements.


Face-to-face workshops are delivered by one of our qualified trainers. Workshops encourage delegates to interact with their own assessment data to better understand their use of GL assessments as well as building strategies to support school improvement. Our current workshop programmes are below. Click through to find out more and register:

  • Using CAT4 data effectively
  • Data Triangulation
  • Data for Leadership
  • CAT4 Strategies for Learning

Online Guided Courses

We host a range of online workshops delivered as either a webinar series or trainer guided courses to help you get the most out of your data. Workshops range from those for beginners, providing a comprehensive introduction to assessment, to more advanced workshops, aimed at triangulating your data. Our current programmes include:

  • Using CAT4 data effectively
  • Data Triangulation
  • Using PT Series data effectively
  • Introduction to GL Education data

Self Guided Courses

Self-guided courses are a new training provision introduced in 2020 to allow trainees to complete training at their own pace within a busy school schedule. Training is split into modules to be completed over a number of weeks allowing trainees to put into practice learnings that can support in developing teaching and learning practices within your school. Courses currently available:

  • CAT4 Strategies for Learning

Training Providers

To support our range of training programmes we work with a number of training partners who regularly help international schools to develop their assessment practice using GL Education's assessments. If you feel that you could benefit from training to your school, please contact us here.