Webinar Recordings

Kings College Madrid Case Study

Nicola Lambros, Deputy Head, Whole School, King’s College Soto Madrid will talk about her experience as a senior leader in international schools in Asia and Europe and how she uses data to ensure the best outcomes for all students. In particular she will focus on the importance of truly understanding student attitudes as a pre-requisite for success.

Most assessment presents the school’s view of the student, but it’s the student’s view, of themselves and school, that can have the most impact on achievement.

Nicola will consider:

  • The importance of a strong pastoral care programme
  • The link between self-efficacy and achievement
  • The development of independent learning skills


JESS Case Study

Luke Rees, Assistant Head Teacher and Ashley Green, Mindfulness Coordinator, of Jumeirah English Speaking School in Dubai outline how a Mindful approach to education is having a significant positive effect on their students’ wellbeing and their attitudes to school.

Their presentation focuses on three key areas:

  • Their approach to learning
  • Using the Pupil Attitudes to Self and School survey to identify key groups of students for further support
  • Case studies of interventions implemented and the outcomes

The Edron Academy Case Study

Senior leaders from the Edron Academy discuss how they use assessment data to support teaching and learning throughout a student’s journey through the school.

Charles Kelly, Deputy Head Lower School

  • Introduction to the school
  • Identifying primary children with different specialities
  • Using primary student profiles
  • Using primary progress tests

Stefan Doyle, Key Stage Three Coordinator

  • Key Stage 2 – Key Stage 3 - The role of ASN (SEN) in transition
  • Case study of action research using CAT4 in Key Stage 3
  • Key Stage 3 tracking and target setting - links to KS4

Roger Stokes, Key Stage Four Coordinator

  • The role of CAT4 in effective target setting
  • Using CAT4 and PASS tests to develop early intervention strategies
  • Preparing students for the challenges of the IGCSE exams and the IB Diploma programme

Case Study: Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong

Brian Cooklin is the Principal of Nord Anglia International School, Hong Kong, which opened in September 2014.

In this webinar he discusses the role that assessment data plays in the school and how it has supported teachers to:

  • Understand students from day one to make an instant impact
  • Deliver a personalised learning experience
  • Set challenging but realistic targets
  • Support SEN students while being  mindful of the cultural context
  • Ensure that his new teaching team are able to use the data effectively.

An introduction to the Cognitive Abilities Test

With the start of the new school year, many international schools will be using CAT4 for the first time. This webinar provides an introduction to the assessment and an overview of how the data it produces can be used.

The session is aimed at school leaders and those who are responsible for testing within the school and will cover a number of key concepts:

  • Looking at different measures of ability
  • Using CAT4 with EAL students
  • Administering the assessment
  • The reports
  • Setting benchmarks and expected levels of progress
  • Where to find further support

Derek Devine, one of our International School Consultants will host the session.

Effective reporting with Progress Test in Maths (PTM)

Warren Rodricks, International Consultant, explores the data-rich reports provided by GL Education’s Progress Test in Maths (PTM).

The webinar goes through the basic report and some of its key features, looking at how to reorganise the data to gain deeper insight into teaching and learning.

It includes a dual focus, considering how the data can be used to:

  1. Support individual students
  2. Support whole school development

The webinar is targeted to those alreadying using the PTM assessment, designed to help you use the data more effectively.

Data Triangulation: combining assessments effectively

Any good assessment will give you useful information about a student. But whether it’s an indication of potential or a test of current attainment, it’s only part of the story.

In this webinar Claire Dunn shows how combining data from different assessments helps schools to gain a deeper understanding of their students to identify barriers to learning and assess the impact of interventions.

The agenda includes:

  • An overview of our assessments of ability, attainment and attitudes
  • An introduction to the inbuilt attainment vs ability reports
  • Discussion of examples of data triangulation using student profiles

An introduction to the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4)

CAT4 provides the perfect tool for identifying pupils’ developed ability and likely academic potential.

In this webinar, Derek Devine, International Consultant at GL Education provides an introduction to CAT4, giving you a comprehensive insight into how the assessment can be used in an international setting.

Whether you’ve recently started using CAT4 or are currently evaluating its use, this webinar shows you how you can get the most out of it.

The agenda includes:

  • An introduction to CAT4: what is it and what does it offer?
  • A guide to assessment
  • Intervention strategies and target setting
  • How to get the most from the reports

Measuring Progress

How can schools achieve an accurate measure of progress that provides a reliable international benchmark but also takes into account individual student ability?

Claire Dunn looks at how standardised assessments of attainment, progress and ability combine to provide a rich set of data that gives teachers a personalised measure of student progress as well as the information they need to engage with external stakeholders including parents and inspection authorities.

Effective Admissions for International Schools Webinar recording

In this webinar we set out how we can help schools to overcome some of the key admissions challenges.

The assessments used in international school admissions need to accurately evaluate each student’s ability and literacy regardless of the typically wide range of prior teaching and learning the new cohort may have experienced.

Baseline Progress Webinar Recording

Helping schools measure pupil progress in literacy and maths

GL Education are pleased to announce that Baseline Progress will be released on 3 May 2016 enabling schools to measure and compare progress made by children during Reception.

Designed to be fun, friendly and engaging for pupils, the Baseline assessment allows teachers to measure literacy, language and mathematics on entry to Reception and now with
Baseline Progress, assess progress at the end of Reception.

The Baseline Progress assessment administered using two tablets, takes only 25 minutes to compete and includes short assessments for literacy (letter-sounds and word reading) and maths. The assessment shows the progress pupils have made and is standardised against more than 1,200 children.

Identifying and supporting Student wellbeing

A school’s perspective

Student wellbeing is an increasing focus for all international schools as they seek to develop engaged, lifelong learners. But it can be difficult to effectively understand student attitudes towards themselves as learners and towards their school. In this session,

In this webinar, Luke Rees, Assistant Head, Jumeirah English Speaking School, will show how they are using the PASS survey to gain data on student feelings on a range of factors, including self-regard, perceptions of learning capability and responses to curriculum demands to identify any hidden barriers to learning and address these as early as possible.

CAT4 Combination report Webinar Recording

Ability and attainment combined

This webinar will outline how you can compare ability with attainment using the updated CAT4 Combination report - the only report of its kind in the UK and free for CAT4 customers.

The CAT4 Combination report takes data on pupil ability from CAT4 and on attainment from the Progress Test in Maths and Progress Test in English

Sue Thompson, Publisher, and Phil Wileman, Training Manager at GL Assessment will discuss how the CAT4 Combination report can help you identify - 

  • potential underachievers 
  • where attainment is broadly in line with ability
  • where pupils appear to be attaining at a level that is higher than their potential suggests
  • potentian SEN.

360° approach to student assessment webinar

In this webinar we discussed how a 360 degree approach to assessment can enhance teaching and learning in your school.

Every school has some kind of system to measure attainment and assess progress towards targets. In this webinar we discussed how incorporating tests of ability and attitudes can ensure that these targets are realistic but stretching and that any hidden barriers to learning are identified, allowing teaching staff to put appropriate interventions in place.

Olashore International School Case Study

Derek Smith is the principal of Olashore International School in Nigeria. The school has implemented a comprehensive assessment regime, incorporating measures of ability, attainment and progress and has recently introduced a survey on student attitudes. In this webinar, he will outline how the school uses the reports to support teaching in the school as well as their use in parental engagement.


Measuring and tracking progress in English, maths and science

Alison Chapman, International Consultant, speaks about the new Progress Test Series of assessments and how they provide an accurate and transparent measure of attainment and progress in the key areas of English, maths and science.

The tests identify students’ strengths and areas for development and extended and enhanced reporting at group and individual level provides teachers with instant and clear action points via an informative narrative.

As well as offering an annual standardised assessment to support ongoing teacher judgement, the reports provide compelling evidence to support engagement with external stakeholders including inspection authorities, associations and parents.

With reference to sample questions and the extensive suite of reports, Alison will offer an introduction to the new and updated assessments and discuss how international schools can incorporate them into their overall assessment policy.

Understanding student attitudes

Claire Dunn, International Consultant, explores the rich information provided by GL Education’s Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) survey. By considering example student profiles she shows how data from ability, attainment and attitudinal testing work together to provide a true picture of each student to support targeted intervention strategies.


Using assessment data to support teaching and learning: video clips

Matthew Savage, Deputy Headmaster, Bromsgrove International School Thailand, presented at the BETT Conference Singapore during December 2014 talking about his experience of using assessment data to support teaching and learning.

In these short video clips he explains the importance of comparing measures of ability, attainment and attitudes to gain a complete understanding of each student and to help them fulfil their true potential.