Crispin Chatterton

Director of Education

As Director of Education, Crispin Chatterton leads GL Education’s product strategy, ensuring the company develops assessments and services that will anticipate schools’ needs. Previously, Crispin served as General Manager of Boardworksthe online learning platform, where he worked for three years on the leadership team.

Coming from a family of teachers, Crispin is no stranger to the world of education. He was a teacher for 14 years before joining Boardworks and GL Education. He taught mainly modern languages but also English as a foreign language, maths and philosophy. Crispin worked in state and independent schools in the UK, France and Rwanda, most recently working for six years in a comprehensive school in Sheffield as head of languages and head of year. This range of educational experience allowed Crispin to develop his interest in assessment, school improvement and student wellbeing, which he now brings to his role as Director of Education.


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