Renaissance Learning UK Limited Modern Slavery Statement


Renaissance Learning UK Limited and its subsidiaries operating in the UK, including GL Education Group Limited and GL Assessment Limited, provides schools and educational institutions with high-quality assessment data and practice solutions to enhance teaching and learning. Renaissance Learning UK Limited employs approximately 380 people predominantly located in the UK and Australia. 

About us: Renaissance and GL Education

Renaissance has been a global leader in education technology for almost 40 years. Our growing family of assessment and practice solutions also now includes GL Education, known in the UK and Ireland as GL Assessment. Our collective expertise ensures that assessment, teaching, practice and data needs are met for schools worldwide. 

Renaissance’s and GL Education’s assessments offer the ideal starting point to help schools and school groups understand their students’ strengths, pinpoint areas of need and put targeted measures in place. Renaissance’s teaching and learning programmes then provide teachers with effective next steps, helping students build the skills they need for success. Together, our assessments, tools and analytics are used by schools and school groups to drive better student outcomes. 

We are proud to support schools and school groups in the UK and around the world. Our products are used to accelerate learning in more than 100 countries worldwide. 

Our stance against modern slavery and forced labour: 

We respect human rights and the dignity and worth of others. We do not tolerate prohibited employment practices, child labour, or human trafficking. We expect any party we do business with to share these commitments and practice business with integrity. 

As a professional service provider, Renaissance Learning UK Limited and its subsidiaries operate in an industry that is not deemed to be high-risk for modern slavery practices. Nevertheless, we take steps to identify and reduce potential risks within our operations and supply chains through the following measures.

Recruitment and Employment Practices:

  • Recruitment processes requiring compliance with immigration and employment laws.
  • Ethical employment practices where all work is voluntary and without any form of coercion.
  • Employment policies that protect our people from unfair treatment and promote a fair and inclusive workplace. 
  • Seek and value employee feedback through surveys to improve our workplace. 

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

  • Procurement processes requiring a structured approval system to uphold ethical standards. 
  • Supplier Code of Conduct sets the expectation that all suppliers conduct business ethically, honestly, and respect all laws. 

Training and Awareness

  • Training programs on ethical business conduct.
  • Policies that encourage employees and business partners to share concerns and strictly prohibit retaliation.
  • An ethics hotline that allows for anonymous reports to be submitted by our people.
  • Promote a culture where all employees are encouraged to share concerns. 


This statement aligns with Section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and serves as Renaissance Learning UK Limited’s Modern Slavery statement for the fiscal year ending 31 December 2023.

This Modern Slavery Statement was approved by the boards of directors of Renaissance Learning UK Limited and its subsidiaries operating in the United Kingdom on the 1st of July 2024