Partner Organisations

We are pleased to work closely with the following organisations.

Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA)

AISA is dedicated to transforming student learning by leading and supporting professional growth, good governance, strategic thinking, and the wellbeing of the entire AISA community of schools.

British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA)

BESA is a trade association that works on behalf of their members to support UK-based companies that supply goods and services to the education sector. They lobby Government and decision-makers on policy issues, provide information, training and advice to their members and arrange and promote marketing opportunities and exhibitions for BESA members in the UK and internationally.

GL Education and GL Assessment are members of BESA.

British Schools in the Middle East (BSME)

BSME supports a network of high quality British international schools in the region. In addition, we facilitate an invaluable partnership between member schools and business partners specialising in educational services, products and tools.

Council of British International Schools (COBIS)

Representing over 500-member organisation, COBIS represents their interests in Britain and overseas, particularly with Government, education authorities and educational associations. COBIS is committed to advancing the interests of British schools overseas and the commercial organisations that export education resources, products and services.

European Council of International Schools (ECIS)

Founded in 1965, the Educational Collaborative for International Schools is a non-profit global membership organisation that supports schools in the areas of teacher development, leadership development, recruitment, and human resources, governance, and risk, complemented by grants and awards. We are made up of 500+ membership communities with 35k+ educators in 78 countries.

Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA)

Founded in 1988, FOBISIA is a not-for-profit membership organisation representing the interests of international schools in Asia that provide a British-type curriculum, previous heads of Member Schools, and educational organisations and suppliers who are of interest to Member Schools. FOBISIA promotes excellence in British-international education and coordinates with its Member Schools to deliver student enrichment and continuing professional development for Heads, Senior Leaders, and teaching and business staff.

Fischer Family Trust (FFT)

FFT is a non-profit organisation established in 2001 as part of the Fischer Family Trust. They are focussed on providing accurate and insightful information to schools which enables pupils to achieve their full potential and schools to improve.

GL Assessment is a partner of FFT.

Latin American Heads Conference (LAHC)

The mission of the LAHC is to bring together centres of educational excellence reflecting the best of British and international educational practice in order to share expertise for school improvement in a spirit of reciprocal altruism that benefits all parties. The association caters specifically for schools which give special importance to the English language, both as a medium for communication and as a language of teaching and learning.

Special Education Network and Inclusion Association (SENIA)

SENIA is an association of educators, professionals and parents whose mission is to advocate for and provide resources and support for differently abled individuals.

The Association of International Schools of India (TAISI)

The Association of International Schools of India (TAISI) was founded in 2005. Its primary objective is to create a platform on which the stakeholders of schools in India can engage. This engagement has, over the years, taken the form of dialogue, workshops, cooperation, sharing and alliance building. TAISI’s focus is on professional development for teachers, leadership building for heads, and skills building for students. At the core of everything is student learning.