Assessment of Comprehension & Expression

A flexible, quick and comprehensive assessment of language ability.

This assessment can be used to identify children with delayed or impaired language development, as well as those already identified as having language delays to gather valuable and extensive information about their overall language ability.

ACE 6 – 11 assesses verbal comprehension, expression and grammar, plus aspects of semantic and pragmatic knowledge through five subtests: Sentence Comprehension, Inferential Comprehension, Naming, Syntactic Formulation and Semantic Decisions. An extended test includes these subtests plus two additional subtests: Non-Literal Comprehension and Narrative.

Simple and quick to administer with a range of engaging materials, the test is flexibly structured to enable you to adjust the depth and breadth of testing needed. It can be used for identification or screening, diagnosis or further investigation, intervention planning, and focused assessment on specific problems.

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