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Dyslexia Portfolio

A follow-up to the Dyslexia Screener, this individual diagnostic assessment evaluates literacy, processing and memory skills.

This is designed as a follow-up assessment to the Dyslexia Screener for those students whose results have revealed dyslexic tendencies, or whose performance in literacy is causing concern.

The Portfolio comprises nine short tests which provide a detailed profile of a student’s literacy, processing and memory skills. This individual diagnostic assessment provides a profile of strengths and weaknesses, helping teachers identify particular areas of difficulty in literacy learning. This knowledge can then be translated directly into an appropriate individual teaching plan.

The Portfolio comes with an online Report Generation Tool. Teachers input raw scores and a narrative report is produced instantly, complete with Standard Age Scores and recommendations for appropriate support and intervention. A comprehensive parent/carer report is also available to help support communication with parents and carers. In order for a Dyslexia Index to be created a general ability score needs to be submitted from another assessment.

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