A digital assessment for early identification of dyslexia and other learning needs.

CoPS is a child friendly assessment, for those aged 4-7 years, to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and dyslexia. It is comprised of nine short tests which take 45-60 minutes in total to complete (and can be taken over a few sessions).

The easy-to-administer digital tests are in the format of enjoyable games and cover: working memory, phonological awareness, phonological processing, auditory discrimination and colour discrimination.

Results are generated as graphical profiles and individual response records that can be compared with provided percentiles, standard scores and age equivalent scores. A comprehensive teacher's manual explains how to interpret results and suggests teaching strategies so that you can tailor teaching and learning to suit the needs of each child.

Use CoPS 4-7 as a follow-up assessment to Rapid, with automatic integration of results from the earlier assessment.

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