Quick and accurate identification of dyslexia in adults and children aged 15+ years.

A digital assessment to screen for dyslexia in members of the general population aged 15+ years which may include: those who have non-standard educational backgrounds, low general ability and/or poor English language skills - including young offenders or prisoners.

Taking just 25–30 minutes to administer, this adaptive assessment generates a simple graphical report which indicates whether the individual falls into the dyslexic 'risk' category. The Administrator's Manual provides guidelines on interpreting results, including strategies for supporting dyslexic adults in different educational and occupational settings.

LADS Plus comprises non-verbal and verbal reasoning assessments, and three dyslexia-sensitive sub-tests covering word recognition (lexical decoding involving speeded recognition of real words from non-words), word construction (speeded lexical encoding of non-words from syllables) and working memory.

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