LASS 8–11

Digital assessment for identification of dyslexia and other learning needs in ages 8–11 years.

Assess the literacy and cognitive skills of children aged 8–11 who have a high probability of dyslexia and develop detailed profiles of their particular strengths and weaknesses.

LASS 8–11 comprises nine standardised tests covering reasoning, reading, phonic decoding, spelling, memory and phonological awareness, hosted on our user-friendly GL Ready online platform. The tests quickly identify any difficulties related to dyslexia or those caused by underlying cognitive problems in phonology and/or memory, highlighting any differences between a child’s actual and expected literacy levels.

Results are generated as clear graphical profiles that can be compared with percentiles, and age equivalent scores. The easy-to-interpret reports also include suggested next steps.

Use LASS 8–11 as a diagnostic follow-up to Rapid, with automatic integration of results from the earlier assessment.

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