Pt Science

Progress Test in Science

Track student attainment and progress in science.

The Progress Test in Science (PTS) assessment enables you to accurately measure how your school and your students are performing – student by student, class by class and year by year. The easy-to-use tests assess students’ scientific knowledge, helping you to understand current levels of attainment and identify any gaps in learning at both an individual and cohort level. 

Split into curriculum content areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, PTS assesses two dimensions of science learning:  

  • Science content, knowledge and understanding  
  • Applying science skills 

The tests can initially be used at the start of the year to set a baseline and subsequently at the end of each year to measure and track progressA dedicated test is available specifically for use with students on entry to secondary school.  

Detailed reports for teachers analyse key dimensions of learning and provide a question-by-question breakdown to help identify those students who may need extra support, and in which areas.

New for April 2022 – Form B offers greater flexibility and choice – contact us to find out more.

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