Screen for SEND

Early detection of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) can transform a child’s prospects in life. From dyslexia and dyscalculia to behavioural difficulties, specific SEND needs can be hard to spot in a class full of students. Our assessments will help you to pinpoint issues through both whole class and one-to-one testing. This means that when you suspect a child of having difficulties, you can start to introduce support immediately while waiting for input from outside agencies.
How can we help
  • Build up a picture of any learning difficulties your students may have - Special Educational Needs Assessment Toolkit (SENAT)
  • Identify students with dyslexic tendencies and intervene effectively - Dyslexia Screener
  • Identify students with dyscalculic tendencies and intervene effectively - Dyscalculia Screener
  • Identify dyslexia and other learning needs early on, giving your students the best possible start in school - CoPs
The entire SENAT package has been such a fantastic investment for our school. It helps us to clearly identify the gaps in learning and social-emotional skills.