Student engagement and wellbeing

Our attitudinal surveys provide a picture of student wellbeing that will help identify any hidden barriers to learning and support your pastoral care. Many fragile learners are skilled at hiding their insecurities, which may present as disruptive behaviour or simple invisibility. This means they then do not achieve their potential and may appear disengaged. Our assessments help you to understand the whole student.
How can we help
  • Uncover your students’ attitudes towards school and learning - Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS)
  • Find out how your students learn best in order to personalise interventions - Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4)
  • Identify ‘at risk’ students who may require intervention and further support - Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS)
  • Identify EAL students and those struggling with their literacy in order to intervene early and aid their success - Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4)
The PASS survey has become a very insightful and important tool that is now being used by our school every year.