An introduction to the Progress Test Series

An introduction to the Progress Test Series

Thursday 25 January, 09:00 - 10:00

All timings are GMT

The fully standardised Progress Test Series supports formative assessment in your school by providing reliable benchmarking and year-on-year progress tracking in English, maths and science.

This webinar offers a quick introduction to the assessments, covering key topics including:

  • What the assessment measures
  • Test content
  • Administering the test
  • What reports are available

The follow up webinar scheduled for 14th February will then go into depth discussing the data provided by the reports and how this information can support teaching and learning. Find out more here.

British School of Jakarta will also provide a case study webinar on 8th February to illustrate how the Progress Test Series forms an integral part of their assessment framework. Find out more here.



What you'll learn...

  • • How the test can be used
  • • Key concepts from the reports