Assessing student’s English language ability in an accurate way is essential to ensure that they can access the curriculum. Yet, a lot of tests simply measure student’s general English ability rather than focusing on the enriching academic language needed to succeed. Successfully used in many international schools for admissions and ongoing testing, Password takes the burden out of understanding a student’s English skills, no matter whether they are highly proficient, or a lot of EAL intervention is needed.

Password tests have been specifically designed to assess the proficiency of students that are non-native English speakers. Designed with schools and pupils in mind, versions are available for different age groups, with customisable branding options in the results area.

Password’s English language tests are designed and academically managed by CRELLA (the Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment), a research group involved in the development and validation of many of the world’s most renowned English language assessments including IELTS and the Cambridge suite. They are also aligned with the CEFR, globally recognised to uphold reliable and accurate results.

Password Pupil English Younger is recommended for: 

Age 10 -13 years old (Key Stage 2/3 English National Curriculum, IP PYP and MYP years one and two)

Password Pupil English is recommended for: 

Age 14+ (English national curriculum Year 10 or above; US Grade 9 or above; IB MYP year 3 or above)

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