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Joining The Dots

Have you checked out our podcast, 'Assessment: Joining the Dots'? We bring you a new episode each month featuring guests from across the world of education, jargon-busting explainers on key assessment terms, and conversations with schools like yours across the globe.

We'd love to include some soundbites of teachers sharing their own contributions. It could be a "lightbulb moment" from using our assessments, or a hot topic of conversation in the staffroom! If you'd like to get involved, then send us a WhatsApp voice note to +44 (0) 7917 516 515 with your contribution.

Here are a few tips for your submission:

  • Include your name and your school name at the start
  • Don’t refer to any pupils by name, so that they remain anonymous
  • Aim to keep your recording between 60-90 seconds in length
  • Don’t worry about the recording sounding perfect – we want your contributions to come across as natural and authentic as possible!

You can listen to an example “lightbulb moment” from Repton Prep here. We can’t wait to hear your contributions – we’ll try to include as much of these in our podcast as possible!