Gauging student wellbeing after lockdown

Understanding students’ social and emotional wellbeing after lockdown was a priority for Jumeira Baccalaureate School


“Beneath the mask”: why your students’ aptitude and attitude matter now more than ever

As you manage the return to school, Matthew Savage urges you to keep aptitude and attitude at centre stage


How PowerBI can help to understand and make use of your CAT4 data

Matthew Corke explains how he uses PowerBI to provide more options for analysing CAT4 data


Back to school: Motivating students to re-engage with the curriculum

Following an extended school absence the most important question we should consider is ‘How do we motivate our students to re-engage with the curriculum we are offering?’


Meeting the challenge of lockdown and the return to school in Hong Kong

Find out how FIS planned their return from lockdown and why early assessment was fundamental to their plans for the new term


Back to school: Key considerations: The phased reopening of schools for learners with SEND

“I would encourage schools to think of this, not so much as a transition point, but more as a transition window. Some learners will need longer than others to adapt to the ‘new normal’ of school life.”


What students’ beliefs and feelings tell you about the quality of education in your school

Nicola recently authored the PASS Interventions for GL Education. Nicola’s research on PASS has evidenced how each of the PASS factors has a significant impact on student outcomes.


Reviewing and adapting reading support for children of all abilities

Nord Anglia International School Dubai teaches the UK and IB curriculum to a student body of over 1750 students encompassing over 76 nationalities. The primary school were looking for additional data to support their English curriculum modifications.


Misbehaviour or misidentification?

Claire Westwood discusses why getting to the root of a child’s communication difficulties can radically alter their experience of education and beyond.


Helping to give children the best chance to succeed in exams

Save time and money when applying for exam access arrangements