An introduction to our Assessment Excellence Programme

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Last year, we launched a partnership programme for our international schools. We aim to work very closely with Partner Schools that support our vision to gain a complete understanding of each individual learner’s needs. A range of schools have joined the programme and we are looking forward to expanding it to more schools.

Our bespoke partnerships will ensure that we deliver the greatest possible outcomes for our Partner Schools, other schools, and their students.

We would like to:

  • Give you recognition for your excellent use of data
  • Give you the opportunity to become a local expert, supporting schools in your region
  • Give you the opportunity to provide feedback on assessments, potentially influencing the future direction they take
  • Provide access to online and regional training events to help support your development

In this webinar we:

  • Introduce you to the features of the programme
  • Discuss the benefits that participation can bring to your school
  • Explain the requirements and application process for becoming a Partner School

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