How International Schools of Every Curriculum Can Use GL Education Assessments

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In this webinar, Emily Whitmore dispels myths about the notion that GL Education assessments are primarily for international schools with a UK curriculum.

This session focuses on the Whole Student View and how it contributes to a holistic understanding of all students – regardless of curriculum. Informed by our experience of working with IB, US, Indian and many other types of curriculum, the webinar explores how triangulating data from CAT4 , NGRT, and PASS can inform teaching and learning whatever your context.

One part of the session examines the compatibility between CAT4 and the IB Programme, particularly how the Learner Profile can be bolstered from CAT4 insights. There is also a discussion about how CAT4 can inform decisions about the transition from MYP to DP and help inform choices about IBDP courses. 

CAT4 is a cognitive ability assessment, the NGRT is an adaptive literacy assessment, and PASS is a psychometric assessment that can help educators spot attitudinal or emotional issues in students. This webinar explores how the three assessments can contribute to a richer understanding of a student’s hidden potential, specific literacy ability, and wellbeing – all of which are applicable to international schools around the world. 

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