Making better-informed admissions decisions

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Research shows that proficiency in English can explain 22% of the variation in EAL students’ achievement and it can take 7 years to transition from ‘New to English’ to ‘Competent’ or ‘Fluent’.

Assessing student’s English language ability in an accurate way is therefore essential to ensure that they will be able to access the curriculum. Yet many tests simply measure student’s general English ability rather than focusing on the enriching academic language needed to succeed.

Password tests have been specifically designed to assess the academic linguistic proficiency of international users of English.

Successfully used in many international schools for admissions and ongoing testing, Password takes the burden out of understanding a student’s English skills, no matter whether they are highly proficient, or a lot of EAL intervention is needed.

In this webinar presented by Helen Wood, Head of Partnerships for Password and Fiona Moore, one of GL Education’s International School Consultants you can find out more about how Password can support your admissions process.