NGRT next steps: Strategies to improve literacy and learning outcomes

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You've analysed your NGRT data, now what’s next? This webinar explores decoding and comprehension strategies that can be used in the classroom to sharpen critical analysis skills and create vocabulary-rich environments. All these strategies, directly linked to the NGRT reports, can be used as a pathway to greater reading/literacy outcomes.

This webinar:

  • Explores the importance of decoding and comprehension, with a focus on the tiers of comprehension and how to encourage deeper understandings of texts
  • Examines the NGRT report features and data points in more detail, with an explanation of how the NGRT can track the effectiveness of reading and literacy intervention programmes
  • Shares comprehension and decoding classroom strategies to improve reading and literacy. This includes several activities English teachers can add to their lesson plans to encourage critical analysis skills and sharpen decoding ability.

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