Reading, wellbeing and the implications for examination success

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In a study of 40,000 students in the UK we identified that in many cases, students with high scores for reading were being held back due to unrecognised attitudinal issues, such as low self-regard, perceived learning capability and confidence in learning. Students with lower scores for reading as well as poorer attitudes to study were at even greater risk of underachievement.

In this webinar, Bernadetta Brzyska, GL Education’s Head of Research, reviews the international trends and outlines how schools can use literacy and wellbeing measures to identify these “at risk” students and develop strategies to secure the best outcomes for all students.

She talks about the implications for schools that may have experienced prolonged periods of distance learning and suggest appropriate steps schools can take when they return.

During the webinar, Bernadetta referred to a couple of our reports. To download the reports, please click on the below links: 

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