The whole student view Africa: Piecing together your student data puzzle

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In this webinar, learn how The British School Al Rehab utilises data to make strategic decisions, uses data to highlight any potential fragile learners and subsequently support them, and shares data with key stakeholders to quantify progress.

The British School Rehab is part of the GEMS Education Group. Its students come from a diverse variety of backgrounds. It delivers a British curriculum with an Egyptian flavour.

The management team at TBS Al Rehab work in a data-rich environment, carefully triangulating data from a number of sources to make good strategic decisions to drive the school forward.

The culture of self-evaluation that the data has facilitated extends throughout the school, meaning that all teachers are constantly reflecting on their practices and looking to capture relevant and meaningful data to evaluate the impact of their teaching.

In this webinar, you will learn how TBS Al Rehab:

  • Utilises data to inform planning and make strategic decisions
  • Have progressed on their data journey and plan to grow on their data journey in the future.
  • Use data to share progress with parents and other key stakeholders.

The British School Al Rehab is a GL Education Centre of Excellence, meaning that it has demonstrated excellent use of our assessment data.