Webinar: Using Assessment Data to Maximise Student Potential

Hosted Date


In this webinar, Dr. Tassos Anastasiades (Principal) and Teekshna Prasad (Leader of Assessments) at Genesis Global School in Noida, explore the effective use of formative assessments to enhance learners' outcomes.

Key points they cover in this session include:

  • Effective use of assessment data to establish a baseline and monitor progress for sustained academic success
  • The practical use of baseline data to improve personalised high-quality learning and teaching
  • Strategies for effectively communicating assessment data with parents and other stakeholders.

About our key speaker:

Dr. Tassos Anastasiades has an extensive international education career in places including India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Zambia, Nigeria, China, Malaysia and the UK.

He has a wealth of experience in leadership positions including bespoke leadership programmes and preparation for accreditations and inspections. He also has a deep understanding of diverse curricula including UK, IB and American schools. His discussion offers a unique perspective for leaders of international schools in India.

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