Using Data to Identify & Respond to Profiles of Need

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Identification of needs is a dynamic process; requiring engagement with data at many levels, and from many perspectives.

A key first step for learning support teams is to 'filter' data layers, in order to identify students who may be at risk, or those who are displaying uneven or inconsistent profiles. I

n this webinar, Emma Dibden, Head of Learning Support at Jumeirah English Speaking School, will explain how through collaboration with relevant staff and parents, we can establish a personalized assessment and intervention pathway that utilizes additional screener tests to investigate the student’s individual profile and how best to support them.

During the webinar, Emma referred to a number of resources that you may find useful:

  • Our suggested assessment flowchart here
  • The JESS Identification flowchart here
  • Profile questionnaires for classroom teachers here

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