Using NGRT to support learning across the curriculum

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In this webinar, Callum Watt (Head of Mathematics at Malvern College Egypt), discusses the importance of using a reading assessment such as the New Group Reading Test (NGRT) to support learning across the curriculum.

Callum discusses how the school uses NGRT to:

  • Support the development of literacy of students
  • Identify and support gifted & talented students
  • Support development of skills, such as problem solving, in subjects across the curriculum

Malvern College Egypt is a British International School located in Cairo and a proud member of the Malvern College International family of schools. The school offers the IGCSE and internationally recognised pre-university qualifications including the IB Diploma Programme and A-Levels.

Malvern College Egypt is a GL Education Centre of Excellence, meaning that it has demonstrated an excellent use of GL Education data over a number of years.

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