What does effective assessment look like? One school, four viewpoints

Hosted Date 23/05/2019

One school, four viewpoints, No. 1 of 4: The Senior Leader

One school, four viewpoints, No. 2 of 4: Class Teacher

One school, four viewpoints, No. 3 of 4: Learning Support

One school, four viewpoints, No. 4 of 4: Year Group Leader


The 2019 Data for Leadership Survey carried out by GL Education in March/April 2019 revealed that one of the fastest growing challenges faced by schools is the need to triangulate data from a wide range of assessments.

Where many schools used to rely on simple measures of attainment and progress, increasingly this is being contextualised with data on student abilities, attitudes to learning and of course individual learning support needs. The information produced by all this data offers the opportunity to identify and act on every individual student’s learning requirements, to ensure they achieve their full potential while addressing any wellbeing concerns.

But how can schools ensure that the right data is available and acted on at each level, without overloading staff to the point that they are unable to assimilate and act on the information effectively?

Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) has a well-established assessment structure that ensures relevant data are reviewed and acted on at all levels within the school. In this series of four webinars, teachers and leaders from JESS describe how this system works at their level and offer guidance for each function from classroom to senior leader.