What is the Progress Test in English?

Progress Test in English (PTE) is a standardised assessment of students’ technical English skills (spelling, grammar and punctuation), reading comprehension and phonics for the youngest children.

The test is designed for use year-on-year to support teachers in benchmarking students’ English knowledge, and measuring their progress over time. This can help identify areas of the curriculum where there may be gaps in understanding and support targeted teaching and learning.

Progress Test in English: Writing
A separate resource is also available to measure each student’s writing progress through a series of criteria-referenced photocopiable tasks .

PTE is part of the Progress Test Series along with maths and science and is an ideal assessment for reliable progress tracking and benchmarking.

‘The Progress Tests are the attainment measure…. they give us a standardised, reliable, robust indicator of where a child is at, not only in relation to a national curriculum level but also, as a school that uses the CAT4 so broadly, they give us a standardised age score. So we’ve got a Progress Test in English standardised age score that we can compare and measure against our verbal aptitude, for example.’
Matthew Savage, Bromsgrove International School, Thailand

What can I do with the Progress Test in English data?

PTE provides robust and reliable data on students’ attainment in English.

The data generated includes a Standard Age Score (SAS), which allows you to benchmark the student’s performance against other students of the same age; analysis by curriculum content category, enabling you to drill down into specific areas where there may be gaps in understanding; and a description of progress (above average, average or below average) that allows you to measure the progress of an individual, group or cohort over time.

The tests help senior leaders, heads of year, teachers, Literacy Co-ordinators and SENCOs to:

  • Benchmark performance against students and schools internationally
  • Monitor progress in English year-on-year
  • Support teachers’ professional development 
  • Communicate with parents and other stakeholders

You can also use the CAT4 Combination Report to assess a student’s potential against their current attainment, supporting the identification of barriers to learning.

A cluster report is also available for school groups using the Progress Tests series – providing all the scores for each school in a single report.

Offering seamless assessment between ages 5-14, PTE now includes a transition test (Level 11T). Designed specifically for use at the beginning of Year 7, it provides an accurate baseline from which progress in secondary school can be monitored. For students who have already been tested at the end of Year 6, it enables schools to re-assess on entry to secondary with new content.

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