Do you know a student like Daniel? Quiet, well-behaved, set for exam success. Except he isn't…

James is an EAL learner in an international school. Although his attainment scores seem ok on the surface, looking at a wider set of data including the PASS survey reveals a far more complex picture.

What is PASS?

Developed by a team of chartered educational psychologists and four universities over a number of years, PASS is a psychometric assessment specifically designed to spot attitudinal or emotional issues in children.

PASS is also a useful tool if your pupils have been away from school for a prolonged period of time as a result of lockdown. The measure will assess their attitudes to themselves and their learning and track how they reacclimatise over the months ahead.

Some pupils may have become disengaged and lost their confidence, some may have adapted well to independent working and got used to the different way of working, and others may have been through a period of heightened anxiety. PASS enables you to measure these attitudes so you can provide the most appropriate pastoral support.

Taking just 20 minutes to complete and available in 26 languages, PASS acts as an effective early warning system for schools. Traffic light reporting is easy to read and act on, helping to pinpoint who’s at risk so you can plan interventions early and sensitively and our ready-made collection of PASS Interventions provides ideas on how to address any issues identified in your results.

PASS Interventions

Our PASS Interventions contain practical advice and solutions to respond to the results provided by PASS. They provide guidance as to how these problems may present in the classroom and an overview of the research underpinning the different approaches suggested.

Each of the 70+ interventions is linked to one of PASS’s nine factors, and provides ideas on how to address any issues identified in your results.

NEW in the autumn term of 2020, we launched PASS Interventions: Reconnections, a bank of additional strategies that are specifically designed to build pupil confidence after a prolonged absence from school. Click here to view a sample.

They are free to all PASS users and are available through your Testwise homepage.

How can PASS make a difference to you this year?

Using PASS to identify fragile learners and target interventions

Garden International School (GIS) in Kuala Lumpur is one of the largest international schools in Malaysia, delivering a high-quality, British curriculum-based education, ensuring students leave the school well equipped for life.

Using ability and attainment data to guide differentiated learning and reading interventions

Ajman Academy in the UAE is a dynamic IB World School with a community of over 900 students from more than 50 nationalities. The primary school’s senior team had identified that there were some areas of their students’ learning where they could benefit from further assessment data.

How can the PASS data support me this year?

Available translated into 26 different languages, the PASS survey acts as an early alert system to support schools’ wellbeing and pastoral programmes.

Full reports are delivered to you online as soon as students have completed the survey, these provide a clear insight into the mindset of each student and immediately show where support is needed at individual, group, cohort or whole-school level.

With vital information for the senior team, heads of year, teachers and group managements, PASS will enable schools to:

  • Identify and understand issues that could prevent a student reaching their full potential
  • Inform teaching and learning strategies and intervention programmes
  • Guide pastoral support at whole school, cohort or individual level
  • Identify ‘invisible’ groups such as fragile learners

Particular factors of interest will be Perceived learning capacity, Self regard, Preparedness for Learning, Confidence in Learning and Response to curriculum demands. 

The interventions will enable schools to put in place strategies detailed and designed by an expert and new strategies specifically designed to support students returning from lockdown will be available in September.

With PISA emphasising the importance of confidence in learning, the data also allows teachers to identify low confidence and support better outcomes.

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