Helping children to get the best start


We all have ambitions that what we do helps children to get the best start in life so that they can go on to realise ambitions of their own. In an education system still dominated by exams, it’s frustrating when students’ results don’t reflect their true abilities. Yet applying for the exam access arrangements to which they may be entitled is time-consuming.

Making the process as easy as possible

Here at GL Education, we are determined to make this process easier for you, via our exam access screener, Exact. SENCos are able to screen a whole year group for possible entitlement, which pre-filters students who should be entitled to extra access. This also means that you’re not reliant on instinct, so it’s more likely that every student who may qualify is identified.

Exact still can’t make the applications for you. Section C of JCQ Form 8 must be completed by ‘an access arrangements assessor who has successfully completed a post-graduate course at or equivalent to Level 7, including at least 100 hours relating to individual specialist assessment’,. But what Exact screening does do is save you time and money on directing the assessor’s services accurately to the students most in need. And Exact’s reports deliver the evidence which enables you to quickly and easily complete Section A of JCQ Form 8.

Supporting conversations with parents

Exact is designed to support conversations with parents too, providing you with an objective assessment of their child’s likely exam performance and, if they need it, details of the extra access you’ll be able to apply for.

Screening with Exact is a great way of showing that you are committed to helping every student in your care to secure the exam results that truly reflect their ability.

We’ve been busy moving Exact from CD onto our online testing platform, Testwise, which will make it even quicker and easier to use in future. At the same time we’ve freshened up the content and design. If you know Exact already you’ll find it reassuringly familiar, and if you don’t there has genuinely never been a better time to adopt it.

Let’s hope that between us more students will get those exam access arrangements from now on.

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