Episode 8: The link between SLCN and the wellbeing of learners


In our latest episode we join the dots on the link between speech, language and communication needs, and wellbeing. For our discussion we’re joined by Katy Mullin, a Speech and Language Therapist at Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust, and Nicky Martin, a Senior Inclusion Consultant at North Star Inclusion Advisory Team, Walsall.

Our regular Data Spotlight feature focuses on WellComm, our speech and language toolkit. Also, sharing their "lightbulb moments" from their use of assessments this episode are Emily Humphrey, EMA Teaching & Learning Advisor at Rochdale Borough Council, and Marsha Davis, Head of Learning Support at St. Martin’s School, Northwood.

Found out more about WellComm Digital: https://www.gl-education.com/go/wellcomm-digital

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