What are the Progress Tests?

Standardised on 100,000 children, these easy-to-use assessments help you to accurately measure how your school and your students are performing in English, maths and science – student by student, class by class and year by year.

The Progress Test Series (PT Series) helps you to provide a clear, accurate baseline and to understand key gaps in a cohort’s learning. The insights gained from the PT Series can help you to understand the current level of attainment of your students, as well as informing the curriculum for future years.

Tests are available for:

Progress Test in English (PTE)
Assess students’ technical English skills (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and reading comprehension.

Progress Test in Maths (PTM)
Monitor students’ mathematical skills and knowledge, in areas such as number, shape, data handling and algebra, as well as their mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills.

Progress Test in Science (PTS)
Measure two dimensions of science learning: science content knowledge and understanding, and working scientifically (applying science skills).

How can the PT Series make a difference to you this year?

What can I do with the Progress Test data?

The Progress Tests provide robust and reliable data that measures your students’ knowledge, understanding and application of the core subjects:

  1. English: focuses on grammar, punctuation and spelling, and on reading comprehension, using age-appropriate fiction and information texts.
  2. Maths: assesses key aspect of maths appropriate to the age of the student including mental maths for those aged 8 and over.
  3. Science: measures two dimensions of science learning, understanding of science content, and working scientifically (application of skills).

You can use this information to:

  • Monitor progress year-on-year
  • Support teachers’ professional development
  • Communicate with parents and other stakeholders

You can also use the CAT4 Combination Report to assess a student’s potential against their current attainment, supporting the identification of barriers to learning.

Supporting Students from Day One: Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong

At Nord Anglia International School Hong Kong, the Cognitive Abilities Test: Fourth Edition® (CAT4) is the key to identifying potential at the point of admission, setting meaningful targets and personalising learning to ensure every child excels.

Analysing and sharing data to gain insights across a school group

At GEMS Education, in-school resource can now be focused on putting the insights from their data into use, rather than data crunching. Find out how they've achieved this with the creation of a flexible and dynamic dashboard.