Identify the probability of dyslexia with fast whole-class digital screening for ages 4–15 years.

Quickly screen large numbers of students to identify those who may have dyslexia by using three short tests which take a total of 15 minutes to complete. The tests measure: phonological processing, working memory, and either visual-verbal integration memory (for children aged 4-7 years) or phonic decoding skills (for children aged 8 and over).

Each child-friendly sub-test takes just 5 minutes and has been individually standardised and calibrated so that you can accurately detect the probability of dyslexia to help prevent dyslexic children slipping through the net. The tests have an enjoyable game format and are easy to administer on our new online platform.

Results are available immediately in a simple, printable report and the test manuals provide appropriate follow up support. Use CoPS (for those aged 4–7 years) or LASS (for ages 8–15 years) for more detailed assessment where needed. Results from Rapid are automatically incorporated into these follow-up assessments.

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