Working with schools in Australia

With schools around the world facing greater demands than ever on available time and resources, assessments need to be smart, easy to use and efficient. The right assessments are vital to support decision making at all levels, to identify teaching and learning needs and to help you support every student to achieve their full potential.

We can help you to meet these challenges with a range of assessments that are built on the best academic research and extensive trialling, use a powerful digital assessment system, and generate instant reports that enable you to make quick and effective use of the data.

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With the benefit of the insights that the data can bring, we have clear direction and we are emboldened to try new things. The data validates those judgements.

  • Literacy programmes

    Our diagnostic and adaptive assessments help to identify reading and literacy support needs across the school, informing interventions and tracking progress over time.
  • Identify gifted and talented students

    Our assessments deliver a reliable measure of students’ cognitive and reasoning abilities which can help to identify students who are suitable for streamed programmes.
  • Inform teaching and learning strategies

    Our robust assessments support schools in identifying areas where students may have gaps in their learning, informing planning and teaching at all levels.
  • Student engagement and wellbeing

    Our attitudinal surveys provide a picture of student wellbeing that will help identify any hidden barriers to learning, identify disengaged students and support your pastoral care.
  • Screen for SEND

    Specific SEND needs can be hard to spot in a class full of students and our assessments will help you to identify issues through both whole class and individual testing.
  • Evidencing impact

    Being able to evidence your school’s impact on its students is vital. Our standardised assessments are the ideal way to measure the impact of teaching.