The Cornwall Learning Skills for Life Programme Quick Reference Guide

  • Age Range: 3-11 years
  • Suitable for: Teachers
  • Test format: Paper

The Cornwall Learning Skills for Life Programme

The Cornwall Learning Skills for Life Programme is designed to help pupils achieve the social, emotional, communication and cognitive skills that they need to succeed both in school and the wider world. Divided into three age-related Teacher Guides (3 to 5 years, 6 to 8 years and 9 to 11 years), the programme provides a range of appropriate skills and lesson ideas for each age group. It guides teachers through how to identify if their pupils are lacking a particular skill, how to teach that skill in the classroom and how to recognise when their pupils are making progress.

Suitable for use by teachers and teaching assistants, The Cornwall Learning Skills for Life Programme aims to enhance the impact of existing teaching practice so that pupils achieve ever higher levels of learner autonomy and greater success in education and beyond.

What you will get from The Cornwall Learning Skills for Life Programme:

  • Advice on how to incorporate the skills into a wide range of subjects
  • Age-appropriate and highly transferable skills for learning and life
  • Photocopiable resources which can easily be adapted for use with whole classes, groups and individuals
  • A complete training DVD to assist teachers in embedding the skills in lessons
  • Pupils will develop the skills they need for greater success in school and beyond

A complete kit contains:

  • Teacher's Guide for ages 3-5
  • Teacher's Guide for ages 6-8
  • Teacher's Guide for ages 9-11
  • A training DVD

The Teacher's Guide tells you why a skill is important to your pupils, helps you identify if any of your pupils lack a skill and shows you how to introduce the skill into your classroom in a variety of lessons.